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Dr. Kal, who are you and what are these courses like?

This is a real question from a confused visitor to the site. It represents, I suppose, a percentage of those who visit and wonder what to make of this site, which is structured different from any other of its type. This is intentional because I do not wish to be confused with other pop health tabloid literature sites, but my school is not a licensed official school that can grant MH degrees at this time (though we keep hoping we will have the means to do this in the near future). In any case, this woman asked nicely what I was, who I was, why should she listen to me and what will she get from the courses on my site. Here is my short answer to her:
The courses speak for themselves. They are recordings of live classes done here in Star Valley almost each week for two years (we are not done recording the whole series). The idea is to teach individuals how to effectively apply herbal medicine and natural healing strategies to healing themselves or to work professionally. I emphasize clinical expertise, which, to me, seems to be a lost art and science in the wake of too many agendas.
MH is Master Herbalist, which is a masters degree that is unaccredited (there is no accredited herbology degree) in the study of herbal medicine.
DC is Doctor of Chiropractic, which is of course both licensed and accredited. I use chiropractic, but I also use a lot of natural healing and work with people all over the world via skype to help them heal themselves of the most common ailment of our day, which is a major systemic inflammation problem that generates pain, weakness, bloat and fatigue. It is often called systemic candida, but this is a misnomer and continues to lead to treatment that does not really work to get people well. This makes up about 80% of my consulting practice and dealing with just about everything else you can think of makes up the other 20%.
The chiropractic clients are a very different split as you might imagine.
I have been doing natural healing of some kind since I was in Junior High, back in the 1980s.
I hope that helps you know a little about me and decide what you want to do.
Dr. Kal