Each summer, Dr. Kal hosts a retreat in Star Valley, Wyoming. This is where you come to experience the healing effects of the Low Inflammation Diet and where you learn many hands on modalities and do chi gong three times per day each day. We take herb walks, see the breathtaking scenery of the valley and associate with each other in the splendid setting of Haderlie Farms in the heart of the valley. If you would like to be on the list to participate in future retreats or other retreats of a similar nature, please use the “Contact Me” button and send an email to Dr. Kal. You will be placed on a list to contact when the next retreat is scheduled.

We had a few return visitors from last year, a testimony to the great (and rather full) week of learning, healing and enjoying the scenery. This year we went to Yellowstone Park and hiked down to the bottom of the falls at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We saw Old Faithful and many geysers. We hiked down to waterfalls and explored the medicinal, edible and poisonous plant life in the park. The whole week was 4 days of retreat and one day of Yellowstone. Last year we toured Jackson Hole and also went to and swam in Bear Lake that sits on the Idaho and Utah border not far away.

We would love to have you join us next year for our regular retreat or any retreat we may schedule between now and then!


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