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The Low Inflammation Diet (with options for the Zero Inflammation Diet) for the healing of all chronic disease, weight loss, detoxification, regeneration and compensating for modern living. This is intended as the key part to a complete healing program. Please use the Contact Me button to inquire about this purchase. $45


My Cancer Rules and Applications–2 pdf Documents.


My Basic and Advanced Herbal Preparations Printout. 


Understanding Food Reactions and How to Heal Them. 


Candida and Immuno-deficiency Recipes: Yellow Dock Healing Antifungal Complex, I-Charge and Other Recipes


More of Traci’s Splendid Recipes, collected together into one package for your convenience as one immediate download. Make tastier healthy food tonight! $29.97


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  1. Dear Dr Sellers

    Good day!
    I’ve been diagnosed with chronic fatigue since 2009. I’ve had it on and off since then. And last year I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. My new naturopath for a year now has told me about candida and put me in an elimination diet. However, it’s been a year now since I’d been doing that but I’m still unwell. I have bloating, brain fog, weakness, drowsiness. I’m vegetarian for 13 years now. I encountered a site that said the best way to cure CFS is through raw vegan diet. Pls advice.


    1. Hi There,

      So, CFS is something that indicates a deep disease process, usually in conjunction with a leaky gut. Juicing and raw food is certainly a good approach. I do a whole routine with my Low Inflammation Diet (you have to do a consult to get it at this point) and supplements to restore proper nutrition levels in the body, especially the gut. If you can heal the gut the symptoms will be abated. To heal completely, you have to find which endocrine glands are failing and heal those. Sometimes it is 100% gut, though.

      Candida is not the cause of any chronic disease as is commonly believed. I do see real candida cases, but they are always acute. Candida shows up in people with chronic disease because their system is a mess, but in those cases candida is working symbiotically. A diet calculated to starve candida makes no sense here. The person must be healed. Diet matters, but it must be a diet calculated to diminish the load on and inflammation in the person. This diet should be a diet that also heals the body. Supplements needed to restore broad spectrum nutrition in whole food form should also be included because most people are severely depleted today.

      I think the Low Inflammation Diet is better for healing the whole body and not shocking the system. Raw food, which is certainly ideal, is probably best transitioned to, rather than switched to cold turkey.

      Dr. Kal

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