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The Green Tincture Company is the source for selling tinctures prepared from the fresh plant in such a way as to supply both the nutritional and the medicinal value. The nutritional value is much higher in fresh tinctures and nutrition is a key component of getting well today since in this 3rd or 4th generation of processed food, we are almost all depleted severely in micronutrients.

Our tinctures have been gathered wild for the most part and are prepared fresh whenever possible (though we have a few herbs we have tinctured from the dry herb because we do not have a source for it fresh and are not growing them ourselves yet). They are the best herbs in the best, clinically tested formula available…or we will sell you the one that is!

On this page you will find herbal products from various suppliers.

Our fresh, green tinctures in season while supplies last (we strongly urge you to purchase your anticipated year supply of these since we will not have them available year around).

Supplies needed for health purposes, such as enema kits, bulb syringes, bandages and so forth.

Standard Process brand products that we use or recommend. Please be advised that it is prohibited by SP to sell their products online retail. You must be a client or student of Dr. Kal in order to order these products. If you are not, your money will be refunded and your order will not be shipped!

Below is a list of product categories and you can click the link to jump to that part of the page.


This list is not yet populated, this page is under construction! Thank you for your interest!


Coming Soon:

Liver Aids

Green Singles (Black Walnut, English Walnut, Plantain, Mullein, Oregon Grape, 4 Berry)

Bowel Aids

Gland Rebuilding Formulae

Immune Modulating and Stimulating Formula

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