Join Us This Summer (How to Do a Summer Retreat)

Hi Everyone,

This summer, July 8-12 we will be doing our annual retreat (the third with this same format). We have a high percentage of return attendees because you learn so much, experience personal healing and enjoy the beautiful, mountainous outdoors of Star Valley, Wyoming!

I want to tell you about what is happening and personally invite you to attend with us this summer. I do not think the value for cost can be beaten anywhere!

Early each day we start off with morning Chi Gong exercises, which is like treating yourself to a combination of acupuncture, meditation, deep breathing and trapped energy release. These exercises will be repeated twice more each day in an effort to teach those who wish to do them on their own at home for a much healthier, more vital life!

Next we all go on a morning herb walk and gather something for herbal tea that day. We will be on the beautiful Haderlie Farms again this year where many herbs are available near the gurgling stream or out in the organic farm.

When we return from the morning herb walk, we will start the Low Inflammation Diet each day. This will be a raw, organic smoothie made according to Traci’s recipes (which she always gives us at the end of the retreat to help perpetuate the experience of healing that all of us (including me) need).

Next we have some kind of natural healing class. The classes will be determined after we finish consulting with those who will help us teach this year. Classes we have had in the past and/or may have this year include: reflexology, herbal medicine, humoral medicine and diagnosis, the Low Inflammation Diet, balancing the Autonomic Nervous System, visceral massage, qigong massage, basic blocking for the lay person (spinal rehabilitation and maintenance), specific herbs discussions, boosting the immune system, managing inflammation in today’s world, candida problems (the modern errors and what to do about it), calcium, repair of injuries and burns, cleansing and healing any particular body part. We also always have some Q&A time for the serious student. There will be two blocks for natural healing classes each day. We usually try to do one hands-on class and one herbal/nutritional class each day.

Midday we have lunch  and then go for a longer herb walk, usually up a nearby canyon. One day in the week we will hike up to the unique Afton intermittent spring (which may or may not be intermitting in July but is an amazing, very gentle hike and experience).

The afternoon has the next block of natural healing education.

We finish with dinner and questions and answers at around 6:30. Dr. Kal is available for hands-on personal visits/assessments after that time.

We have four days of about the same schedule.

On the 5th day we travel somewhere interesting. Last year we went to Yellowstone National Park (nearby) and Jackson Hole. This year we may do that again or we may go to Bear Lake with a canoe and swimsuits (a breathtaking experience).

Typically I make arrangements to pick people up at the Salt Lake City, UT international airport on Monday (the 7th).

We have places to camp or other accommodations are the responsibility of each individual. I am happy to help set you up with motels where others have stayed if you like so that you can be easy to pick up each morning. Nice cabins are available to rent in various places in the valley for those wanting higher end accommodations.

I hope you will all join me and have the same amazing experience everyone has had each year. Come planning to learn, heal, get grounded and enjoy some of the most beautiful, pristine mountains on the planet!

The cost is $60 per day. If you choose to have meals with us, those are an additional $40 per day (this is the low inflammation diet, which I strongly recommend you follow exclusively for the week to experience the power of this program and how quickly it can affect healing).

For more information on pricing and other details, feel free to call me: 307 413 9664 or email me through this website (the contact me button).

Thank you all,

Dr. Kal Sellers DC, MH, MT


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