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Dr. Kal Sellers, DC, MHDr. Kal Sellers, DC, MH: Founder of SVHC, 2012

Dr. Kal believes that individuals can, if they are taught correctly, be proficient at healing themselves and their families. This coursework also represents an effort to establish tools to help Western practitioners assess patients and critically evaluate whether an approach is working or whether a diagnosis is valid.

Dr. Kal’s teachings are an integration of Dr. Royal Lee’s nutrition research, Dr. John Christopher’s practical herbal medicine knowledge, Dr. Versandaal’s Contact Reflex Analysis tools (and various other non-invasive diagnosis methods) and Dr. Kal’s unique clinical integration and assessment advancements.

We work with Wind River Herbs, who makes many of our products, supplies many of the bulk herbs we recommend and maintains a high quality product line. We also support the School of Natural Healing as the premier school to obtain a Master Herbalist Degree at the present time.

first aid kitHerbal First Aid: Comprehensive course with video demos, audio training and reference booklet.

yarrow for first aid

This is one of our best selling courses and has the most spontaneous, positive reviews! You come away prepared and effective at dealing with emergencies naturally. This course contains about 20 hours of training.




Calcium Class:
SVHC Class 1– In this class Dr. Kal discusses the use of calcium to heal the immune system, fight cancer and fight all infections. He also discusses herbal calcium for long-term needs and health.



Iodine and Thyroid Class: SVHC Class 2—In this class Dr. Kal discusses the role of iodine and competitive halides that poison us and keep us low in iodine. He discusses some approaches to healing the thyroid.

Kelp Forest. This is one of the best sources of iodine. It is detoxifying to heavy metals. Please buy kelp from responsible providers to prevent contamination from wastes coming from cities into the ocean. As a brown seaweed, kelp is one of the finest detoxifying agents of its type. It may contain small traces of shellfish, so sensitive people should be alert. When cleansed and properly nourished, such allergies will go away forever and then that person can also benefit from kelp.


Local Herbs I: SVHC Class 3—In this class Dr. Kal discusses several herbs found locally in Star Valley and that are commonly found around the world. This class helps us to understand these herbs and what can be done with local herbs.


Local Herbs II: SVHC Class 4—In this class Dr. Kal discusses several herbs found locally in Star Valley and that are commonly found around the world. This class helps us to understand these herbs and what can be done with local herbs.
This picture is a close-up of frangipani flowers.


Local Herbs III:
SVHC Class 5—In this class Dr. Kal discusses several herbs found locally in Star Valley and that are commonly found around the world. This class helps us to understand these herbs and what can be done with local herbs.   This picture is Plantain (Plantago major, one of many working species)

hounds tongue

Local Herbs IV: SVHC Class 6In this class Dr. Kal discusses several herbs found locally in Star Valley and that are commonly found around the world. This class helps us to understand these herbs and what can be done with local herbs.
This picture is Hound’s Tongue (of the family containing comfrey and borage)

common mallow

Local Herbs V: SVHC Class 7—In this class Dr. Kal discusses several herbs found locally in Star Valley and that are commonly found around the world. This class helps us to understand these herbs and what can be done with local herbs.
This picture is Common Mallow (in the family with marshmallow and hollyhock)

red clover

Local Herbs VI: SVHC Class 8—In this class Dr. Kal discusses several herbs found locally in Star Valley and that are commonly found around the world. This class helps us to understand these herbs and what can be done with local herbs.
Red Clover (in the legume family, similar medicinally to dutch clover; the blossoms are used)


diagnosis acumeridians

Introduction to Systematic Healing: SVHC Class 9—In this class Dr. Kal discusses the process and template for natural healing to be applied to individual diseases in coming classes.
Acumeridian Chart showing the many associations in the human body

mountain lake with walk

Healing the Lungs: SVHC Class 10—In this class Dr. Kal teaches nutrition and herbs that help the lungs to regenerate and heal when there is chronic lung disease, weakness, inflammation or infection.  Mountain Lake Scene, where many medicinal plants are found, including various spruce, horsetail, mints and grasses.

hot tea

Bronchitis, Colds and Influenza: SVHC Class 11—In this class Dr. Kal teaches timeless strategies for dealing naturally, aggressively with colds and bronchitis and how to heal and permanently prevent influenza.  Hot water poured over dried herbs to make an herbal infusion, which is sometimes referred to as “tea.” Actually, tea is a type of plant which is commonly prepared by hot water infusion. Some mistakenly think the infusion “tea” is the same as the plant from Asia, which is processed to make black tea and less so to make green tea.


kirlian feet

Restless Leg, Reflux and Indigestion: SVHC Class 12
—In this class Dr. Kal teaches how these annoying diseases come to be and how they can be managed using natural healing methods.  Kirlian Photography of the feet. This lightless photography shows the energy field produced by living things and inanimate things. Higher energy fields are associated with healthier cells in living organisms.

bitter melon

Diabetes: SVHC Class 13
—In this class Dr. Kal teaches why diabetes is on the rise, what causes it and how to heal or manage most cases very easily, naturally. Highlighted herb: Bitter Melon.  Bitter Melon: This Asian plant is used as food, but is also one of the most powerful tools for lowering blood sugar in diabetics. It can be used in many forms, but is most potent as fresh juice.

comfrey plant

Osteoporosis: SVHC Class 14
—In this class Dr. Kal discusses the causes of osteoporosis, the calcium and dairy myths and how to prevent or cure osteoporosis. Highlighted herb: Comfrey Leaf

Comfrey plant in flower. This is Symphytum Officinale, the most common species in the United States. This is the safest of the genus, though all of them are safe for individuals with healthy livers (an increasingly rare commodity). This member of the borage family is profoundly dense nutrition, providing every amino acid and vitamin for human needs. It is also profoundly cell proliferant and speeds healing of every kind.


Rheumatoid Arthritis: SVHC Class 15—In this class Dr. Kal discusses rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune, inflammatory conditions including lupus and fibromyalgia. He gives options for both management and recovery from these conditions. Chaparral bush in late flower. This plant is a profound cell proliferant, anti-rheumatic and blood purifying agent. The resin from its leaves draws poisons from puncture wounds and speeds healing. It kills low grade, chronic infections, reduces body odors and fights cancer. It is a slight kidney irritant and should be used internally in formulas that include kidney herbs to help offset this effect. It has long been one of the most treasured herbs for chronic disease and is very safe as long as there are open channels of elimination.

gravel root

SVHC Class 16–Osteoarthritis–In this class, Dr. Kal discusses the hidden causes of osteoarthritis and why no one should ever get this condition. He addresses how to heal the damage from it and how to stop the progression of it using natural methods and proper diet.

 This picture is of the gravel root plant. This plant is a solvent for stones in the kidneys and urinary system as well as a wonderful aid for fever conditions and for dissolving bony debris in arthritic joints.

fennel seed

SVHC Class 17–Irritable Bowel-Type Conditions–In this class, Dr. Kal discusses the nature of irritable bowel conditions, including IBD, IBS, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis, as well as several other conditions related to inflammatory bowel response not normally recognized by traditional medicine. He talks about how these horrific conditions can be managed and healed through prudent use of natural foods, nutrition and herbal aids. This picture is of fennel seeds. These are a wonderful sweet carminative, relaxing to intestinal irritation and slightly warming to the upper digestion.

raspberry leaves

SVHC Class 18–Cysts, Tumors and Abnormal CellsIn this class, Dr. Kal discusses three leading theories about why cysts form and what to do about them once you have them. He discusses both dietary and herbal guidance, as well as the internal conditions that make cyst-building possible. This image is of raspberry leaves. They improve immune response, dry out the body of excess phlegm and moisture (which invites or maintains infection), keep calcium available in the blood and fluids, tone reproductive organs and mucus membranes everywhere and they support hormone balance. Additionally, they are wonderful nutrition, being rich in iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, vitamin C (the whole complex as discussed in several classes), copper and many vitamins. They are a wonderful protection from plagues and spread of infection.
hops flowers

Class 19: Insomnia:
This class discusses the various causes of insomnia, including nutritional, organic, electromagnetic and so forth. We also discuss the watches from Oriental medicine and how the organ involved in the time of difficulty can be corrected to heal the problem with insomnia. In this picture is Hops flowers, which are discussed as one of the herbal remedies in this course. These are mildly sedative, relaxing and induce deep sleep. They are believed to diminish dreaming. They also are highly estrogenic and are labeled with cautions because of this. These cautions and how serious they are are covered in this course.


Feverfew Tanacetum parthenium

Class 20 Celiac Disease
is a plague of our day. It often operates silently behind the scenes and goes unnoticed or is misdiagnosed as symptoms start to emerge. Healing it, not just managing it, is the goal of this class. How to heal the gut, what happens with allergies, what the problem is with modern hybrid wheat and more is discussed in this week’s class.

The herb pictured here is feverfew. It is a relative of chamomile. This family is thought to inhibit allergic responses by having a homeopathic effect where the body responds in an allergy-type way to the feverfew and then in a few weeks corrects this (because the feverfew is not a threat) and in the process corrects other inappropriate allergies as well.



Class 21 Asthma
is a condition that has many possible causes and variations. Even so, there are a couple things that happen every time. If those are corrected, the asthma will certainly be abated, even if the underlying cause is not found for some time. In this class, both palliative and curative measures are discussed in relation to this difficult condition.

The herb pictured here is Lobelia Inflata. It is widely used among Thompsonian style herbalists and physiomedicalists (medical doctors with herbal education and practice instead of using drugs). It is a powerful antispasmodic and an emetic that also brings up phlegm and congestion from the lungs. It is a rare combination of Nervine and Antispasmodic. It has wrongly been labeled as poisonous because of its emetic effect and because of prejudice from medical critics (though no drug on the market is nearly so safe). I always have it on hand because it is one of the herbs that truly saves lives.


red clover

Class 22 Cancer
is a subject about which there is great fear. The fear drives a multi-billion dollar industry and gives power to officialdom and drives people to do insane things, rather than sane ones. The fear clouds the simple truths about cancer. Other fears, including the fear of being foolish, of losing one’s opportunity to be saved from cancer and just fear in general keep people from thinking clearly and making choices of healing. Fear drives people to commit time and resources to fighting and killing instead of healing and helping. Fear is the real cancer in so many ways. In this class, Dr. Kal discusses the age-old approach to healing cancer, modern developments and what is working and what is not among the many cancer cure options. He talks about Australian black salve and its ability to quickly pull cancer out through the skin. He talks about other cancer approaches and what is happening nutritionally that is leading to increased cancer rates.

This picture is of a red clover blossom. This plant has been traditionally used for many things, but most notably cancer, either topically or internally.


oak bark

Class 23: Candida
is a craze that has swept the world among natural healing practitioners. When someone comes in with chronic illness, the candida diagnosis is handed out like candy at a parade. No thought, apparently, is going in to the fact that people do not get well on candida diets. They are some improved, but not ever fully well. No thought is given to the fact that the body easily kills candida–more easily than any other microbe–when it is in the blood. Long has been my cry and mourning that the clinician is gone from the modern healer and a product salesman or woman has replaced the clinician. No where is this more evident than in the candida craze. The general conditions diagnosed as candida often result in candida being present, but in no way does candida ever become the cause. In this class we discuss how to discern and quickly heal real candida infection and how to sort out and then heal that condition that is the most common subclinical chronic illness of our day. We discuss various failing systems that can be involved and what to do about them. We reintroduce again the Low Inflammation Diet, the Trace Mineral Formula for complete nutrition and what must be done to heal various individual systems that are involved.

Candida Advanced Discussion: Not a numbered class. This class is an earlier and much more comprehensive class where much more is discussed about the details of candida, how the body falls apart systemically and what is needed in our modern world to turn this around. This class is the same subject matter, but much more detail is given and the class is several times longer. Originally, this was part of the first curriculum from and has an earlier part 1 that was just discussion of the curriculum and a part 5 that was an herb preparation assignment. These have been removed so it starts with part II, which is where the real candida discussion begins! It is $45

In this picture is Oak Bark. It is the single most powerful antifungal herb of all time. It heals the tissues affected, kills all fungal and yeast infections it reaches and restores calcium and tone to weak and flaccid mucus membranes.


Class 24: Obesity
is growing! Pun intended! But Obesity has little to do with calories. The person who is obese is sick in other ways. Indeed, obesity is an adaptation to illness. Healthy weight gain does not become crippling. Obesity is driven by inflammation, not calories. It is driven by toxicity and inability to process the load of both inflammation and toxicity on the body. It exists with swelling, heaviness, troubled joints and weak tissues throughout the body. It exists with sleep apnea and snoring. It it fluid and inflammation, toxicity and poor function. It is an adaptation to those things. There are many expressions of those things, not all of them conspicuous. Obesity is really caused first by malnutrition and then poor digestion. There is a rapid, consistent cure for obesity. The weight is lost steadily and the reason for it is simultaneously healed. In this class,we discuss this approach, how it works and what we must give attention to in the healing process.

This plant is chickweed. Dr. Christopher used this plant for fighting obesity. It probably worked because it cut the irritation and inflammation of the gut so that the cause of constant, inappropriate feeding would be mitigated. It is also quite nutritious and may have helped with the nutritional deficit associated with obesity. It does, in that way, cut cravings. It is a generally soothing plant. Obese people are usually soothing themselves with food that keeps the blood in the gut and numbs the nervous system slightly. Many people do this in one way or another.



Class 25 Healing Eyes and Ears, Hearing and Vision
. This class covers most needs for healing the eyes and ears, including nerve related malfunction. It also includes a video demonstrating the application of the herbal remedies taught. Most hearing and vision problems, infections of the eyes, tinnitus, age-related changes and so forth can be healed using the tools taught here.

In this picture is eyebright. It is so named because it is known to aid the eyes and restore them from both injury and malfunction. It is wonderful for removing phlegm and is mildly astringent (astringents always pull in nutrition and tone up tissues and dry out infection). It seems to have the ability to promote regeneration of the eyes. It clears inflammation from irritated tissues.


yin yangImage

Retreat Classes 1-4 Including Class 28: Humoral Medicine with Herbs, Part I, Part II, Chinese Five Element Theory, Applied and Intro to Practical Herbal First Aid. Cost is $45

This image is the Yin-Yang simbol. This is part of the ideology of Chinese Medicine (and philosophy) theory. It represents the complementary (not opposite) components that wrestle with each other and perform together to create all that is, including health and life. Imbalances of this relationship or one part being somewhat perverted or deviant or affected by pernicious influences are responsible for all diseases and discontinuities in life. Understanding this and considering it opens the door for us to work toward healing our lives and bodies. It should be understood that our whole life is part of this equation, not just our diet or herbs we might take.



Wisdom Remedies: Class 29: In this comprehensive class, the power of herbs to change personality, to heal character and emotional and psychological patterns and traumas is discussed. Many traditional and modern discoveries are explored in order to address the psychoemotional and sometimes spiritual needs of today’s world. $45

Image is of Rosemary, the most popular and widely used wisdom remedy of European traditional medicine. It is also a wonderful herb for the brain, nervous system and many needs.




castor bean plant

Acute and Chronic Gall Bladder: Class 30: In this class the gall bladder is discussed including how it gets sick, how to restore proper function, clear out infection and address even acute gall bladder attacks quickly and restore the gall bladder to optimum. What the symptoms are of gall bladder problems is also discussed. $18

Image is of the castor bean plant from which castor oil is derived. This oil is one of the most wonderful herbal aids of all time. It can be applied topically to help move inflammatory particles away from an inflamed area, even in autoimmune disease. It will drain lymph aggressively, often resulting in a wonderful pain-killing action and oxygenation of tissues. In this class we discuss using it as part of the treatment for acute gall bladder attacks and long term gall bladder problems.


coffee plant

Ulcers, Boils and Green Coffee: Class 31: In this class the focus is on ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, but ulcers elsewhere and on the skin are discussed, including chronic weeping sores and how to rapidly repair them. The class also includes a discussion of boils and natural remedies for them. It also includes a discussion of green coffee beans and how medicinal they can be in small doses for anyone having energy spikes and crashes or blood sugar or insulin or obesity problems. $12

Image is of the coffee plant in fruit. The bean sits at the center of a highly nutritious and medicinal fruit.




Kidney Health: Class 32: In this class, the kidneys are discussed relative to kidney failure where the person is threatened with or on dialysis; kidney weakness where the person is troubled by night time urination, low back pain and degeneration, weak nerves, large belly and so forth; kidney infection and several possible approaches to that. $12

Image is of parsley, the root of which Dr. Christopher used for treating all sorts of kidney problems and weakness. It is also a very nice vital stimulant and blood purifier. It




Liver Health: Class 33:
In this class, the liver is discussed relative to many liver diseases, weaknesses and overloads. It is treated from a natural healing perspective and the approaches that exist for regenerating, cleansing and optimizing the liver are discussed.

The image is of the barberry plant, which is a classic liver herb (the root bark) known to cool, heal, disinfect, relax and detoxify the liver.




 Class 34: Herbal Virucide: In this class, the tools we have used to successfully kill viral infections are discussed. We have had particular ability to kill and remove the herpes type virus, including herpes, shingles, chicken pox and others.


The image to the side is hyssop, a member of the mint family. Many of our most medicinal plants are mints, but often they are bitter mints and not sweet and pleasant like peppermint or spearmint or lemon balm. Such is hyssop. Hyssop is also one of the finest anti-viral herbs on the planet, particularly if the virus has any affinity to the nervous system.



Class 35: Autonomic Nervous System Balance and Men’s Disorders


The image to the side is Tongkat Ali, which is a splendid plant for helping with all male problems. The root is amazingly large per the size of the small palm to which it attaches. The plant helps with erectile dysfunction, testosterone problems and other male issues. It is one of the key ingredients in the testosterone formula added to the trace mineral formula for men available from Wind River Herbs. Many people have testified that my formula is the most effective one they have tried, nourishing as it heals the testosterone balance and production in men. 



Class 36: Skin, Hair and Scars


The image to the left is Echinacea Angustifolia. This plant is most often used for immune stimulation, but it has many wonderful uses. Echinacea root is wonderful for thickening skin that has become flaccid and saggy. This and many other herbal aids for healing the skin, hair and scars are included in this class. 



Class 37: Auto-Immune Discussion and Healing


Mullein is the plant in the image to the left. This plant has many uses and is one of my top 10 favorite herbs. Among other things, it modulates the immune system and stops inflammatory damage to the body’s own tissues, allowing healing to take place. 




Class 38: Upper Digestion


Fennel is a member of the carrot family. It is a splendid sweet carminative, warming, improving to digestion and enzymatic activity at the liver. It is sweet and relaxing to skeletal muscle, especially in the neck and shoulders. 




Class 39: Lymphatic Drainage



Poke weed is the world’s finest lymphatic herb, draining lymph vessels and dissolving blockages. It has been known to remove cancers that do not respond to anything else. An extract of it was made and used medically as part of HIV test to rule out false negatives. The root is most commonly used. It is mildly toxic, but the effect tends to work out for the benefit, rather than the harm of the organism. Used fresh, the root will work as a slow-acting, powerful emetic.




Class 40: Herbal Dentistry



Recently a friend and client of mine told me of an old problem he had had since he was in his 20s. He had loose teeth and bleeding gums. The dentist told him without care he would have all his teeth pulled by his 30s. He had had marginal success with dental care. I told him to start using oak bark (white oak, though any variety will work) powder on his gums, packed in like chewing tobacco, but not so heavy. In 3 days his gums stopped bleeding. I have so far had universal success with this herb for this purpose. Like all astringents, oak bark also facilitated absorption of nutrients into the tissue it is placed against. It also heals ligaments, bone and tissues and supplies nutrients needed for proper vitamin C assimilation and use. The image is an oak tree of some type.



black walnut

Class 41: Leaky Gut and Systemic Infection


Black Walnut is the most potent of the walnut trees for medicine. It is certainly not the only one that is useful and each has some nuance of advantage for this or that. We harvest the leaves and hulls from the nuts (I prefer the immature nuts, but always I harvest the hulls green and tincture them that way) and use them as a tincture or decoction to make the morning disinfectant enema discussed in this class. The disinfectant and healing power of this herb for the gut and the liver is unparalleled. Black walnut kills all manner of fungus and basically kills every pathogen you can think of. It has the potential to kill all microorganisms but because the tree is astringent, the tendency is for the walnut to gravitate only to tissue irritated–meaning, it kills only abnormal flora while sparing the bulk of flora that is normal. Incidentally, the new word for the colonies of microorganisms in the gut is “Microbiome” which is a better word, since “flora” actually means “plants” rather than bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc. 


juniper berry

Class 42: Diagnosis Emphasis: Kidney


There are many, many kinds of juniper bushes. They are certainly not all created equal medicinally. All of them are disinfectant. To the left is the lovely variety that grows the black, somewhat sweet berries used medicinally. The leaves are not particularly sharp, but are softer. The berries take two years to mature but then are sweet and a wonderful kidney remedy that also affects the brain and nervous system as well. They are famous for helping people who struggle with difficulty voiding their urine. 


sage brush

Class 43: Diagnosis Emphasis: Liver


This wonderful herb is sagebrush. It has the ability to change character and to help with deep growth. It is also a splendid liver remedy, cooling, altering function and behavior and detoxifying. It slowly kills off all manner of pathogenic parasite, it improves mood and works on lymphatic, kidney and brain. The flowers help the twisted, dried personality on an unsteady foundation. It is one of my favorite herbs. It also smells amazing after the rain in the desert!



Dragon and Tiger Chi Gong: free download of the video: 




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